welcome to my little space on the Internet. Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna and I am 28 year old photographer based in Milton Keynes – oh you know, it has easy transport links to London and is much quieter than the capital which is much appreciated by me! From time to time, when I visit Zywiec – the small town in the south of Poland where I was born, I snap some picture there. 

If you take a quick look at the picture of me above, it exactly describes me (as much as a picture can provide a description of someone) – I am always smiling, I’m enthusiastic and positive about everything.  

I love my fiancé, photography, nature and beautiful morning light. To put it simple – I love life.

I was born in a town surrounded by mountains and during my childhood I spend a lot of time in the forest. I think that’s the main reason why I can’t live without nature.

I absolutely love travelling and exploring. That’s apart from taking pictures which are a good memory of days out in the peaceful countryside, seaside or parks. When you live in a concrete jungle it’s nice to spend time away sometimes.  Apart from that I enjoy doing sports, drinking coffee and reading books.

For those of you who would like to know a little bit more about my photography journey here’s a little thing:

My love for photography started when I bought my first camera straight after my 18th birthday. I was taking it everywhere and I was taking pictures of everything as well. Few years after that I bought my first DSLR and started attending small workshops and read more and more. I learned the basics and at that point I realised that more than anything else I love seeing real emotions on people’s faces and taking portraits is something which makes me happy. I also love natural light in photography and nature in general. Shots in the forest, by the lake (Lake District – yes please  ❤), surrounded by mountains or anything which has something to do with natural beauty – that’s me! Because I like those real emotions wedding photography is THAT thing! Seeing two happy people smiling to each other and looking at each other like there’s no one more important than the other half during their most important day of life when they become husband and wife is the most important and true emotion for the photographer I believe. That is why I love wedding photography. Because in every sense it’s true! I also enjoy photographing children a lot – they are so genuine and they never pretend. Their smiles just speak for themselves. Apart from that, like I previously mentioned, portraits with beautiful natural light are really my thing. No post production makes a picture more beautiful than the natural light. As soon as I realized how much joy photographing gives me I was planning on doing a degree in photography but because of the unforeseen circumstances I had to move to London. However, I never regretted that decision because I met my husband to be there so everything is in its place. I lived in London for 3 and a half years and after that time I realised that although I love this place with all of my heart it is not a place for me. I enjoy the quietness and greenery which I didn’t find there. Now I found my little space on the Earth in Milton Keynes and I’m happier than ever.


So here I am – photography lover who wants to make your days more beautiful with pretty images!

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